The portal.

We have been using our own tailored and developed project management portal internally for the projects that we have been working with. We developed our portal specifically for the real estate development- and construction industry. Our main focus when developing the portal was on user friendliness and security.

Our customers liked it instantly, then we decided to offer it to other companies also since we think its much more user friendly than what’s being offered currently.

Below are some of the features that are included in the Stockholm Hongkong portal:

  • Workspace – Secure environment with backups were sharing and collaboration takes place.
  • File sharing – Share files with the team across any device and location. Preview documents before downloading and control permission levels for each user.
  • Communication – Keep everyone up to date with group and/or individual chat. The portal app will also let you send push notifications.
  • Collaboration – Work more efficiently with your project team. Request approvals, comment in documents, assign tasks, set up meetings, and have engaging discussions to reach decisions.
  • Data security – Highest bank-grade security for storage and accessibility.

You are welcome to email if you would want to test and possibly use the platform.

If you are already a user you can login by going here: